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Concept cars give you a peek at how future car models might appear. Even though the concept car might never make it as a final manufactured product, the auto designers are given the opportunity to try new twists and new materials, often revving up the horsepower and the price tag so the model is very impressive at first exposure. It will be featured at car shows where the prototype has public and media exposure. The automobiles are admired for their futuristic or provocative appearance and have the goal of advancing the model's introduction and gaining valuable publicity. To a certain extent, it is a study of how viable the car model will be to company profits. Modern methods such as additive manufacturing have permitted auto companies to research and develop new materials, engine designs, and tooling applications. This permits concept vehicles to be built at a faster pace which in turn produces further design changes in specific car models which grabs public attention.

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Deena's Concept Car Pictures is a personal collection of car pictures gleamed over the internet, mostly through news groups, car dealer pages, and other related automotive sites. Many of these images can be found on other web sites in larger resolution if you want wallpaper pictures. If you have a picture or a drawing of a concept car that you would like to add to my collection, please send it along to including whatever information you have about the car.


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1938 Buick Y-Job Concept Car Picture

1938 Buick Y-Job Concept Car

The above is a car credited to the noted GM designer Harvey J. Earle who realized that concept cars should be an integral part of the automotive industry. The car was never meant to be mass produced but was used to publicize the brand name, Buick. Shortly after seeing the successs of the Y-Job, other auto manufacturers began building and demonstrating their own concept cars. The introduction of concept cars as a business tool was considered a major advancement in the automotive industry.

Ferrari 612 Concept Car Picture
Mitsubishi Concept Car Picture

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