Volvo XC60 Concept

front right side Volvo XC60 Concept Car Picture
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The front of the XC60 concept features an upright grille and a gaping lower opening that's outlined on the bottom by bright trim. Under the hood is a 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine that makes 265 horsepower and runs on E85 ethanol. The concept has a wagonlike appearance when viewed from the side, and has rather short side windows.

The rear bumper has a silver trim piece that mimics the one in front, and the mostly glass liftgate is a two-piece affair that's split in the middle. The lower portion of it motors up and down on a vertical plane, but we don't expect to see this complicated-looking design make it to the production model.

The front and rear outboard seats have long rectangular openings in the backrest that have ambient lighting; Volvo calls them "ponytail slots." The front portion of the cabin has a version of Volvo's floating center stack. This will likely see production, though it should be toned down somewhat.


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