2007 Volvo Evolve C30 Concept

front right side 2007 Volvo Evolve C30 Concept Car Picture
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With its stunning aesthetics combined with staggering performance capabilities, the Evolve C30 targets the enthusiast who seeks the ultimate Volvo sport compact. From the street, to the strip to the track, this driver wants a car that can deliver the goods on the promise of serious performance, excellent handling and head-turning style.

To achieve the muscular stance it envisioned the Evolve team began by removing all the vertical panels on the car. It then painstakingly added six inches of width at the rear fenders, tapering to zero stretch at the tips of the front fenders. The pronounced wedge shape and broad rear shoulders give the C30 a menacing hunkered-down look. Up front, an adjustable F1 style front spoiler commands attention. At the rear, a functional diffuser accelerates air as it exits the vehicle to help keep the car glued to the tarmac at speed. A roof-mounted rear spoiler can be adjusted by the driver to tailor downforce as desired. The body was sprayed in an eye-popping shade of BASF Glasurit Competition Yellow with Silver and Graphite highlights.

Reference: TopSpeed.com

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