2004 Volvo 3CC Concept

rear left side 2004 Volvo 3CC Concept Car Picture
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Of all the experimental Volvos created over the past few years, the 3CC is one of the smallest the Swedish brands Monitoring and Concept Center located in California has built. At 153.5 inches long, 63.9 inches wide and 52 inches high, its the narrowest and shortest vehicle of all. The nearest comparable is Volvos compact S40 sedan, which is a whopping 22.4 inches longer, 5.8 inches wider, and 5.2 inches taller than the 3CC.

As of late, the concepts that Volvo has been producing have progressively become less constrained and limited. It takes just one good glance to see that the 3CC, currently on display in Shanghai, is a radical departure from whats on the brands showroom floors. The 3CCs styling cues include a seamless and unusually upright front end, futuristic swept-back LED headlamps and fenders which stretch to the tips of the front valance, all absent from road-going Volvos.

Volvo has seemingly used the 3CCs quirky styling as an element of surprise. Beyond the front flanks lies a completely different vehicle, unexpected from the Swedish firm. Strangely, the stylists at Volvos concept studios have tweaked the liftgate by pinching and tightening it, all the while allowing its coke-bottle fenders to ripple and flow. If Jeeps Treo concept mated with a classic Volvo P1800S Wagon, their offspring probably would look along the lines of the 3CC.

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