2007 Volkswagen Thunder Bunny Concept

front left side 2007 Volkswagen Thunder Bunny Concept L1 Car Picture
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When Volkswagen decided to bring the Rabbit back into production, they searched through the archives to see what made the Rabbit so popular. In their journey, Neuspeed name came up time and time again. So when it came time to build a concept Rabbit for its debut in the 2006 SEMA show, Neuspeed was the obvious choice as a performance partner. During recent conversations with representatives from the VW camp it was clear that this new Rabbit is not a one off concept, but more of a display of aftermarket parts that will be made readily available to consumers. VW wanted to combine their option-loaded economy base car with performance modifications that could compete with top end luxury cars. They wanted to show that the Rabbit could be transformed into something more than just discount transportation. The new Rabbit concept will be resurrected in the form of a 2007 Rabbit 2-door 2.5L. Its Candy White exterior will be showcased by ghost graphics with a topographical theme, keeping in line with VW's new urban edge design, but with a retro feel.

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