2005 Volkswagen Beetle Ragster Concept

rear left side 2005 Volkswagen Beetle Ragster Concept Car Picture
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The Ragster - whose name is derived from a combination of Ragtop and Speedster - has not simply been created by cutting a hole out of the top. Instead, its designers and engineers used the New Beetle Cabriolet as their base; they shortened the A-pillar by around 90 mm and penned a U-shaped roof fixing as a frame for the canvas top. Overall, this makes the Ragster 103 mm lower than the standard New Beetle, while the wheelarches also have a flatter appearance.

At the front, you can't help but notice the Ragster's silver double stripes which extend from the spoiler, through the bonnet's VW roundel, and up to the windscreen. At the rear, newly designed tail lights are integrated into the bumpers, while chrome plated double exhaust pipes complete the look. Imposing 19'' alloy wheels are complemented by distinctive red-striped low profile tyres.

Reference: Supercars.net

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