Toyota VM 180 Zagato Concept

front left side Toyota VM 180 Zagato Concept Car Picture
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The design of the VM180 was commissioned from the Milan-based styling house, famed for its models for Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Aston Martin, and the protoype was built by Toyota over a tuned 155-bhp 1.8-litre VVTi-engined MRS chassis. The VM180 Zagato was built in a limited series by Toyota Modellista International and will be sold exclusively on the Japanese market.

The VM180 project puts Zagato's styling skills very much into focus, underlining the company's commitment to freedom of expression and maximum creativity. Aiming squarely at a market sector that constantly seeks the maximum in individual and highly personal design, Zagato re-interpreted theToyota MRS's sporting image creating a more extreme styling statement.

The result is a car with a very strong visual impact which captures theattention. Suitably low-slung and aggressive, to the knowing eye the VM180 gradually reveals a more subtle and balanced side, with carefully resolved proportions and delicate detailing in its lines and features.

Reference: Toyota

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