Toyota MR-2 Turbo Concept

front left side Toyota MR2 Turbo Concept Car Picture
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Even though it was never officially sold in the UK, the MR2 Turbo has become one of the most popular Japanese imports into the UK thanks to it's good looks and strong performance.

Five 'revisions' were produced over the Mk2's life span. The important ones being the 2nd (chassis tweaks, bigger brakes, 15inch alloys) and the 3rd (241bhp uprate, body colour skirts, ABS std). Whichever you go for, you'll not be disappointed with the performance. 60mph arrives in just 5.5sec, with a derestricted max of 155mph (limited by default to 112mph by Japanese law). Handling is good, as is the level of equipment and trim - air con and CD are standard in the GT-S version, add half leather in the GT.

Reference: SupercarWorld

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