Suzuki Kizashi 2 Concept

rear left side Suzuki Kizashi 2 Concept Car Picture
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Suzuki followed up the original Kizashi car with this second concept first revealed at the Tokyo show in 2007, expanding on the original design but with some of the same styling cues. The car still retained the length of a traditional family sedan, but has the appearance of a stretched 5 door hatchback, essentially more of a fastback than a conventional station wagon, and this time the car was beefed up with some rugged off road kit.

We love those huge wheels with the Ben Hur style spokes, although are pretty sure they will not see production. The continuance of the Kizashi theme does suggest Suzuki are serious about a larger new car to sell on the global market, and this may suggest we will also see some form of station wagon version as well as a saloon.

Reference: Japanese Concept Cars

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