1960 Plymouth XNR Concept

front right side 1960 Plymouth XNR Concept Car Picture
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Representing the peak of his enthusiasm as head of Chrysler design, its imaginative "Asymmetrical Styling" was bold, to say the least -- especially for a Plymouth. The car was likely intended to be a preview of the similar but far more subtle styling then being planned for Chrysler's 1962 showroom models.

The car could seat two, but was best suited for a single occupant, the driver. Thus the huge port-side headrest-cum-tailfin, which was intended to emphasize the driver while harkening back to late-1950s racing-car design, exemplified by the likes of Jaguar's D-Type and XKSS.

The driver sat behind a dramatically curved "personal" windshield; a smaller, fold-own windscreen was available for the protection of a passenger. Additionally, the passenger sat somewhat lower than the driver -- a design touch intended to minimize the negative effects of the wind.

The frame of the XNR's grille was constructed of heavy-duty materials and doubled as the car's front bumper. The "X-motif" rear bumper was a visual reminder of the car's name and essentially asymmetric nature.

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