1954 Plymouth Belmont Concept

front left side 1954 Plymouth Belmont Concept Car Picture
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The 1954 Plymouth Belmont Concept car used a 150 horsepower engine that was used in Dodges at the time. It was mated to a Plymouth Hy-drive three speed transmission. The Belmont was one of the first cars to make use of a reinforced fiberglass body and was manufactured by Briggs Manufacturing Company under the supervision of a noted car stylist at the time, Virgil Exner.

Plymouth was in the process of building its own V8 engine but had to meanwhile borrow from Dodge simply because its production line was fully being used and there was no room for another new engine on the assembly line. The car was also built on a Dodge frame with a 114 inch wheelbase. Chrysler's market share in the automotive world was on a down turn and it was felt new model lines would pick things up for Plymouth. Chevrolet had successfully introduced a car called the Corvette and Ford was ready to bring out a flashy model called the Thunderbird. Plymouth felt the Belmont would impress both manufacturers and a curious public.

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