Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept

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The Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E seen at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show was a sports coupe which was designed to preview the design of the next generation Mitsubishi Eclipse coupe. The bubbly styling of the Concept-E gives the car a youthful exuberant look.

The AWD Concept-E hybrid was powered by a 476 bhp 3.8 V6 petrol engine and a 150 kw electric motor working in conjunction. Mitsubishi gave the system the name 'E-Boost', and it offers both improved MPG and outstanding performance.

The Eclipse Concept-E's exterior has an attractive glass roof framed neatly by the A-pillars which run down to a semicircular rear window. The rear hatch opens in a gimmicky sideways fashion instead of the more practical traditional method.

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