1955 Mercury D528 Concept

front right side 1955 Mercury D528 Concept Car Picture
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The D-528 was a different kind of Ford Motor Co. concept car. It was never intended as a show car, but rather, was meant to be a "research project on wheels". The exterior of the D-528 was designed by Gil Spear and the interior by John Samsen. Design studies for the car began in late 1953 or early 1954, immediately after Spear, anxious for a break from designing 3/8 sized concept cars, left the Advanced Design Studio to take over as head of the International and Canadian Studio. The D-528 was designed and built to test advance concepts in air conditioning, seating, ingress and egress, lighting, front frame crash absorption and Fordís first car without "A" pillars. Even though the D-528 now has only two headlights, it was also designed as Fordís first car with four headlights.

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