2002 Lincoln Blackwood Concept

rear right side 2002 Lincoln Blackwood Concept Car Picture
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Blackwood made its debut in concept car form at the December 1998 Los Angeles International Auto Show. The reaction was overwhelmingly positiveóso much so that by the time the prototype arrived at the Detroit auto show, just a few weeks later, Ford had committed to putting the concept into production.

From the tip of its waterfall grille, right up to the C-pillar (the post behind the rear seat), Blackwood is a Lincoln Navigator. From there back, itís an F-Series Ford pickup. Well, actually, not entirely. Blackwood sits three inches lower than the high-riding Navigatoróand it doesnít offer the big SUVís four-wheel-drive package. The 56-inch cargo bed isnít like any F-Series youíve seen, either.

The original concept version was enwrapped in elegant African wenge wood, then topped with a power tonneau cover. For the interior of the cargo bed, Ford went with polished aluminum, illuminated by indirect lighting. When the Blackwood hits market early in the second quarter of 2001, the wenge wood will be replaced by laminate-covered fiberboard. Itís supposed to be more durable, and require less maintenance, the same logic behind the switch to stainless steel for the cargo bedís liner, which will be lit by two cool-touch LED strips.

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