2010 Kia VG Concept

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With the unveilling of the Kia VG Concept, it’s safe to say Kia’s new design boss and former VW/Audi designer Peter Schreyer has truly arrived.

Bearing all the marks of the ‘Hand of Schreyer’ and introducing styling entirely new to the Kia line – with a new Kia corporate face: the Schreyer Line grille – the Kia VG Concept is a stunning turn of hand for the Korean carmaker.

Powered by Hyundai-Kia’s 3.5 litre ‘Lambda’ V6 on a front-wheel-drive platform mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the VG concept produces around 206kW.

The strong frontal treatment is set-off with performance-inspired intakes along the front bumper.

The coupe-like panoramic roofline flows above a subtle yet deliberate character line along the profile, leading into a high rear deck with a sharp drop-off and Audi-like tail lights.

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