2006 Kia KCV4 Mojave

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Kia Mojave's traditional, simple exterior was designed to convey the concept truck's ruggedness and ability through its basic forms, which stand in stark contrast to the more progressive interior treatment. In keeping with Kia's plans to gauge consumer reaction to the vehicle, the design team took great care to stay away from the typically overblown exterior styling common among concept vehicles to retain a “real world” appearance.

Whether it's cruising around town or loading up a team of longboards for a weekend surfing expedition, the Mojave is designed to meet the every-day needs of its driver and passengers, while also serving as an excellent companion for even the most active of lifestyles.

A key design feature is the Mojave's ability to stretch its rear bed into the passenger cabin at the touch of a button. After manually raising the rear glass and folding down the rear seats, the power-operated rear wall quickly slides forward to extend the bed from 71 inches to 86 inches in length -- enough room to fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood -- making even a larger-than-normal load from Home Depot easy to deliver. The extended bed position also provides built-in protection from forward-sliding cargo due to the design of the folded rear seat back.

Another thoughtful feature is a specially-designed tailgate that creates a flush extended load floor when folded flat, eliminating the gap between load-floor and dropped gate found in other pick-up trucks, and making the removal of heavy or rolling items much easier. The use of a “notched” tailgate, as well as distinct vertical LED brake lights and reverse lamps, provides the Mojave with one of the more unique rear fascias among pick-up trucks. Extra storage space for smaller items is handled with the provision of storage spaces inside the truck bed behind each wheel well.

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