1955 Chrysler Falcon

Front Right 1955 Chrysler Falcon Concept Car Picture
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The 1955 Chrysler Falcon Concept car was powered by a 276 cubic inch overhead-valve Hemi V8 engine. The engine had five main bearings with a cast iron block and heads. Such a motor could put out 170 horsepower with 255 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm. The compression ratio was 7.5:1, and a two-barrel downdraft Stromberg carb was fitted. This connected up to a two-speed PowerFlite automatic. The differential had a hypoid final drive (3.54:1 ratio) with semi-floating drive axles. It was, needless to say, rear wheel drive.

The Chrysler "Falcon" project was the code name for what became the compact Valiant. It was named after the 1955 Chrysler Falcon two seater, aimed at competing with the Thunderbird and Corvette.

Resource: Valiant

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