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Concept cars have always been great attention-getters, with sales- and profit-boosting potential, so it makes sense that Virgil Exner got the nod to do the 1952, 1953, 1954 Chrysler Special and DíElegance concept cars in the midst of Chryslerís cash-flow crisis of the early 1950s.

First up was the 1952 Chrysler Special Concept car, which was built in two versions. The original premiered at the 1952 Paris Salon as a three-place fastback built on a cut-down New Yorker chassis (119-inch wheelbase).

As a follow-up to the K-310/C-200, it sported similar "elements of Continental styling" -- long-hood/short-deck profile, big wire wheels within full cutouts -- but differed most everywhere else.

Fenderlines were squared-up knife-edge types holding slim vertical bumperettes and the headlights lived as prominent thrusting pods. The grille was an inverted trapezoid with horizontal bars. Also, bodysides curved less and, combined with a low roofline, made for a husky "masculine" appearance. Though handsome and appealing, the first Chrysler Special would remain one-of-a-kind.

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