1951 Chrysler K-310

Front Right 1951 Chrysler K-310 Car Picture
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The over-all styling of the 1951 Chrysler K-310 Concept car was characterized by its small grille, closely centered about the car centerline, graceful hood line matched by the elegant sweep of the deck lid, and the two-tone effect which integrated the upper and lower structure giving the illusion of still greater length and even less height. As a matter of interest, the over-all length of this car was 220-1/2 inches and its over-all height was only 59 inches.

In spite of its low appearance, it should be noted that the road clearance was approximately 7-3/4 inches, which was comparable to that of production models of the day. The car weight was approximately that of a Chrysler Imperial Newport. A companion engine for the car was the K-310, a forward development from the standard 180-horsepower FirePower V-8 engine in production Chrysler models.

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