2006 Audi Roadjet Concept

Front Left 2006 Audi Roadjet Concept Car Picture

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In the 2006 Audi Roadjet Concept, Audi introduced a vehicle that combined the latest evolutionary stage of Audi's general style with a new space concept. The drive technology, too, represented a departure: on the 300 bhp 3.2 FSI engine, innovative concepts produced an unprecedented synthesis of performance, liveliness and efficiency. In conjunction with a lengthwise installed engine, the Audi Roadjet Concept is the first model that featured the sporty 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox.

The car introduced new electronic features that could be incorporated into future car design such as car-to-car communication. Such an automotive feature could be used as a safety device in highway traffic.

One particular innovation that enhanced driving fun is the Audi drive select: this system enabled the driver to preselect several independent vehicle characteristics at the push of a button. Three modes - "comfort", "dynamic" and "sport" - alter the steering, damping and transmission response, as well as the engine map. Audi drive select thus provided access to highly distinct driving experiences that could be realised by a single vehicle, entirely as the driver sees fit.

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