2003 Audi Nuvolari Concept

Front Right 2003 Audi Nuvolari Concept Car Picture

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Walter de'Silva, Head of Design for the Audi brand group, commented: "The Nuvolari quattro outlines the direction that Audi's exterior and interior design will take. We are aware of our brand's heritage and will continue this success story in evolutionary steps." (Source: Audi World)

The vehicle introduced styling and innovations that were used in future Audi designs. For example, it made use of LED lights that proved advantageous in both the design and the versitility of the Nuvolari and the future Audi A8 Quattro. Another innovation was the introduction of a glove compartment that could be set to open with the matching identification of a person's fingerprint. The car's interior was splendid in features that could become the norm in future Audi car designs.
Rear Right 2003 Nuvolari Quattro Car PIcture

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