1953 Alfa Romeo BAT 5

Front Left 1953 Alfa Romeo BAT 5 Concept Car Picture

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The Alfa Romeo BAT is an Italian concept car. It was a joint collaboration between Alfa Romeo and the Italian design house Bertone that began in 1953. They successfully came out with came three cars: the BAT 5 in 1953, the BAT 7 in 1954, and finally the BAT 9 in 1955. The BAT 11 was later designed by Bertone and revealed to the public in 2008. The BAT (Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica) cars were futuristic and caught the imagination of the public and other car designers.

The cars were relatively light weight and drafted to reduce air flow drag on the finished product. Powered by a 4 cylinder engine, they reached speeds of up to 125 mph.
Rear Left 1953 Alfa Romeo BAT 5 Car Picture

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