1995 Acura CL-X Concept Car

Front Right 1995 Acura CL-X Concept Car Picture

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The 2003 Acura CL-X Concept was a project designed in the Honda Research and Design facilities at Los Angeles. It was solely an American designed car. It was very futuristic and meant to be a classic luxury sports car with high fashion contured seats and a center console where interior functions could be controlled. It also introduced wheels that were of a special carbon fiber and aluminum coposite material. Honda used the car to publicize that the next line of Honda and Acura cars were to be in the top line of cars on the American and world markets.

Acura came out with the prototype in 1995 and the actual CL model for Acura was introduced to the public as a 1997 vehicle. It became the model slotted between the Acura Integra and the Acura TL.

Front Right Black 1997 Acura CL Car Picture
1997 Acura CL

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