1990 Acura NSX Concept Car

Left Side 1990 NSX Concept Car Picture

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The 1990 NSX Concept was the introduction of a popular sports car incorporating a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout and powered by an all-aluminum V6 gasoline engine. The engine featured Honda's unique "variable valve timing and lift electronic control" VTEC system. The planning for the production NSX was led by Chief Designer Ken Okuyama and Executive Chief Engineer Shigeru Uehara. This automobile was built by Honda between 1990 and 2005.

Honda wanted the NSX to match the performance of the Ferrari 328, while tendering Acura reliability at a lower cost to the customer. The company hoped replacing the 2.0L V6 with a more powerful 3.0L VTEC V6 engine would more than match the competition.

The designers are said to have studied the interior view of the cockpit of F-16 jet planes prior to drafting the layout and dimensions of the car's interior. They were impressed by the pilot having almost 360 degrees visibility and thought the same might be offered to the driver of the NSX.

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