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Volkswagen Concept Car Thumbnail
Volkswagen Concept Car Thumbnail

Volvo did well at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum contest where its Volvo 3CC took top honors winning five gold medals for its environmental performance. In addition, it also took the overall prize for best prototype design. Factors that were considered in these decisions included CO2 emissions, fuel efficiency, acceleration, braking performance, and regulated emissions.

The Volvo company wants to be front and center as an automotive company who is in tune with matching its products with safety and environmental concerns. In all Volvo cars, attempts are made to maximize efficiencies, minimize emissions, and meet crash safety standards. The Volvo 3CC is representative of that Volvo philosophy.

The 3CC is designed to be a 3-seater but it might sit two adults in front and still squeeze two children on the back seat. It is very aerodynamically designed and has an excellent exterior appearance. The three seat concept allows easy communication between the passengers, good comfort for all, and clear visibilty for the occupants.

It is hoped the features of the Volvo 3CC will be utilized in the general line of cars for the public. Volvo has long had a good reputation regarding the safety of its vehicles. The company seems intent on making cars for the 21st century and, logically, any new innovations brought out by Volvo will be picked up by other automobile manufacturers.


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