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While early Japanese concept cars were often products of European design houses, Toyota depended on its own engineers and designers to produce products that could compete on not only the Japanese car market but could hold their quarter in the world market. Toyota has had great success in this respect.

Toyota's FT-HS is meant to be a hybrid sports car and was first introduced to the public at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. The design teams that worked on the car had to come up with a gas saving vehicle with all the features and innovations needed for a speedy sports car. As well, they were expected to maintain Toyota's high quality workmanship and endurance standards. The front engine, rear-wheel drive, brought a powerful 400 horsepower engine together with a truly hybrid power train system.

This powerful concept car must represent the sports car of the 21st century using Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive system reaching a hundred kms an hour in 4 seconds. The problem is to prove that a fast sports car can still be a positive note on the environment and to have Toyota still able to hold or better its share in the sports car market.


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