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The 2009 Lincoln C concept car created much excitement as the Lincoln designers created a luxury car much smaller than the usual Lincoln of the past. In introducing the C to the public, Lincoln designer Mark Woodhouse compared concept car shows to fashion shows in that "they push the limits of reality in the hopes that the engineering, technology, and production teams can find a way to make the dream a reality".

The car was on show at Detroit's North American International Auto Show and gave the viewers an idea of what cars in the future might feature. For example, there were no rear view mirrors on the car but cameras provided the driver's dash board with clear shots of everything behind the car. The seats had etchings and were on the thin side giving more interior space. The driver and passengers opened the doors by pushing buttons and, in case a C met another C on the highway, one headlight would give a blink.

Lincoln also put thought into the fuel efficiency of the car stating it rated at 43 MPG. Just in case the driver needs help to obtain that mileage, the Lincoln C has an able computerized assistant named Eva who can act as a GPS to give you efficient driving routes or can help you in making a telephone call. The Lincoln C design is an example of technologies that will someday, if not already, be featured in "regular" cars.


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