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 2007 Infiniti G35
 Infiniti M650
 2003 Jaguar RD6
 2007 Jaguar
 Jaguar C-XF
 Jaguar F Type
 Jaguar R-D6
 Jaguar XK180
 2005 Jeep Hurricane 1
 2005 Jeep Hurricane 2
 2005 Jeep Hurricane 3
 2005 Jeep Patriot 1
 2005 Jeep Patriot 2
 2005 Jeep Patriot 3
 Jeep Lower Forty
 Jeep Renegade
 2006 Kia KCV4 Mojave
 2006 Kia KCV4 Mojave

 2007 Kia Kee
 2007 Kia Kee
 2007 Kia KND 4
 2007 Kia KND 4
 2008 Kia C'eed
 2008 Kia Rondo SX
 2009 Kia Soulster 1
 2009 Kia Soulster 2
 2009 Kia Soulster 3
 2010 Kia VG 1
 2010 Kia VG 2
 2010 Kia VG 3
 Kia Koup 1
 Kia Koup 2
 Kia Kue 1
 Kia Kue 2
 Kia Soul 1
 Kia Soul 2
 Kia Soul 3

2007 Kia Concept Car Thumbnail
2007 Kia Concept Car Thumbnail

Concept car designs are usually the dream of one designer or a team group of designers. It will take a series of sketches and actual scaled drawings to finish the process of concluding a design on paper. As the work progresses, the designers must carefully evaluate the appearance of the car's roof line, the hood, the trunk lid, and the shape of the doors. Generally, the design of any concept vehicle follows these same considerations.

Often the designers use already proven engines, transmissions, brakes, and drive train dimensions to work with their designs. New and more innovations can be worked into the design as time goes on. At some point a decision will be made to build a scale-downed model and then to put together a full-scale prototype of the car. All this requires a group of people acting as a team and whose continuous input is enticed and required.

Finally, the fun of doing the experimentation work comes to an end and the car with related data is prepared to be revealed to the public. The media is consulted and facts about the vehicle and how it will reach the public are made known. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a period of excitement as word of a new car with updated innovations gives life to possible future sales of that car brand.


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