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 1953 DeSoto Adventurer 1
 1953 DeSoto Adventurer 2
 1954 Dodge Firearrow
 1956 Dodge Dart
 1970 Dodge Charger RT Daytona
 1999 Dodge Charger
 2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R
 2002 Dodge Ram SRT 10 1
 2002 Dodge Ram SRT 10 2
 2003 Dodge Avenger 1
 2003 Dodge Avenger 2
 2003 Dodge Kahuna 1
 2003 Dodge Kahuna 2
 2003 Dodge Kahuna 3
 2003 Dodge M80
 2003 Dodge Tomahawk
 2005 Dodge Nitro Concept
 2006 Dodge Challenger 1
 2006 Dodge Challenger 2
 2006 Dodge Challenger 3
 2006 Dodge Challenger 4
 2006 Dodge Challenger 5

 2006 Dodge Hornet 1
 2006 Dodge Hornet 2
 2006 Dodge Hornet 3
 2006 Dodge Rampage
 2007 Dodge Demon 1
 2007 Dodge Demon 2
 2007 Dodge Demon 3
 2010 Dodge Daytona
 Dodge Avenger Concept
 Dodge Caliber Concept
 Dodge Charger R/T Daytona
 Dodge Hemi8 Concept 1
 Dodge Hemi8 Concept 2
 Dodge Hornet Concept
 Dodge Zeo Concept
Dodge Hemi8 Concept Car Thumbnail
Dodge Hewmi8 Concept Car Thumbnail

Concept cars often are testing prototypes for automobiles that will be sold to the public in the next year or years to come. Such was the case of the Dodge Viper. At first only two prototypes were manufactured and this led Dodge to see that simply using a truck engine in a car body wasn't going to meet the standards they expected for the car. Carroll Shelby, the man who had a large influence in the design of the Ford Cobra Mustang car, actually help plan the first Viper. Observers could see that the Viper was to be a main competitor for the Cobra. At the time Lamborghini was an affiliate of Chrysler and the firm was asked to refine the Dodge V10 truck engine that the Viper was using at the time. The engine was too heavy to be used in a smaller sports car. Lamborghini completed the task and the V10 became the heart of the Viper.

Dodge has used the introduction of concept cars at important annual car shows. It brought out a concept Dodge Challenger at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show that closely resembled the car it was modeled after, the famous same name car of the 1970's. Dodge was testing the public to see the reaction to a car with exterior design appearance very similar to its older sibling. The fans reacted in a positive manner and Dodge brought out final production models in 2009.


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